Our company provide one-time services as well as comprehensive support. Every client choose the volume of services required for the company.

Before signing an Agreement we suggest our clients to take advantage of the Express for an Hour Service. More information about it is linked above or provided by our online consultant upon request.

Economic analysis and Business Planning
  • Work with banks to open credit lines and support the Client after the conclusion of the agreement with the Bank
  • Evaluation of return on investment projects
  • Assessment of possible economic risks, construction of short-term and long-term financial forecasts
  • Building an optimal financial and economic model of the Company taking into account changes in the external environment
  • Implementation of unified financial reporting forms for all types of activities
  • Implementation of mechanized and automated processing of planned and accounting information
  • Control over the targeted use of investment resources
  • Management of external and internal financial flows without risk for the company
  • Monitoring the effective use of financial resources
  • Analysis of financial and economic activities of the company
  • Control over the effective use of all types of financial resources, search for new ones
Legal Advice and Litigation
  • Creation, support, termination of corporate life of the company of any legal form
  • Representation of interests of the company and beneficiaries in negotiations, authorities, courts
  • Supervision of tender / tender documentation until the end of the contract
  • Risk list and full support of real estate transactions, all types of contracts in construction, contractual documentation of lease relations
  • Development and implementation of beneficiary asset protection system
  • Effective representation in arbitration courts and courts of General jurisdiction
Tax Protection
  • Statement and maintenance of accounting and tax accounting
  • Tax optimization through a comprehensive analysis of the company’s activities
  • Support of tax audits of the company
  • Analysis of primary documentation, methods of its processing and accounting in the audited period
  • Verification of the correctness of the calculation of the amount of tax deductions and the timeliness of their payment
  • Verification of compliance with the accepted form of accounting policy;
  • Verification of the correctness of the reflection in the accounting of economic transactions, compliance with the requirements set forth in the current legislation;
  • Calculation of possible tax risks and development of recommendations for their elimination or minimization

Indispensably: Primary documents, access to software, tax

Personnel and HR
  • Employee training
  • Assessment of employee satisfaction with work, company, team.
  • Evaluation of relationships in the team
  • Organization and conduct of trainings, seminars, training for the development of employees
  • Assessment of employees for compatibility with management
  • Development and implementation of the program for the new employee
  • Assessment of the correctness of personnel affairs
  • Assessment of correctness of filling of labor books
  • Assistance in development of local normative acts that are required when applying for a job
  • Assessment of working conditions in accordance with Russian legislation
  • Assistance in organization of business trips (hotel reservation, tickets, transfer)
  • Audit of the correctness of the nomenclature of cases
  • Creation / verification of organization forms
  • Audit of the correctness of documents in cases
  • Assistance in the development of the company’s document management standard
  • Organization of 1C:document management
  • Development of the company’s website
  • Promotion of the company’s website in social networks