Time is - that's really valuable, everything else is Time Consulting

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The leading consulting company of Tomsk «Time Consulting» — is 10 years of experience and a real creative laboratory! The team of true like-minded people is united by a common goal-to help the developing Tomsk and Russian business in achieving real results and success!

  • Investment activity
  • Development
  • Retail with participation of international companies
  • Operating activity
years of experience
realised projects
million ₽
minimum cost each project
million ₽
net profit our client

Our clients are legal entities and individual entrepreneurs

Support at any stage

We work with companies at any stage of development: from startup to the largest corporations, from the creation of the company to its closure in any way

Clear and transparent

We provide monthly reports up to the minute of time spent on solving Your problems

Flexible approach

We focus on the client's wishes and needs


We are fully responsible for the accuracy of accounting and tax accounting

Scope of work

We provide services to the extent you need: from one-time expert advice to full support

Remote maintenance

We provide services throughout Russia
Rozhkova Tatiana
executive partner

Our mission — to find the best solution for the Owners of the company, in simple human language to give all the necessary explanations on complex issues of civil and tax legislation, to warn against excessive payment of taxes to the budget, to protect from sanctions not only by the fiscal authorities, but also other stakeholders.

Our company is a place where our customers are happy and satisfied. We openly share our knowledge and skills with our clients, who in turn trust us with their resources and are always grateful for our assistance. Therefore, the credit of trust to us of our customers is so high, and for us it is the main value in working with them! Business chooses us for the fact that we can find a way out of the seemingly at first glance the most desperate situation and we are 100% consistent with the trust placed in us.

We work for you and for you 24/7, with us you will never have a feeling of self-doubt, because we are not only your flagship in the raging ocean of rapidly changing legislation, but also reliable and stable partners, ready shoulder to shoulder to support you in the most difficult financial situations.